Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! :D :D :D Love your cartoons.

This one holds special meaning for me bcos many-many years ago I took an interest-free loan from PSC to pay for my uni fees. But today I cannot find any info on such loans from the PSC website. Does it mean that such loans are no longer available to the poor? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

well captured in this....tks

John Riemann Soong said...

This kind of articulates some of my resent too not just against NUS, but to various webmasters in general who seem to have completely intentionally ignored making it easy to look for information, especially on our government websites.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work..makes my day

Well electricity charges are going up next week and keeping in line with our government policy that no one will be denied assistance and that a multi-million dollar fund is available for those who need assistance, the followin qualifying criteria will be set :

1) Household income or not more than $900 (
if you earn $1,000 and have five kids to feed you do not qualify - does not matter if the reason you have so many kids is that there was no other entertainment when your electricity got cut off)

2)Must be living in public housing (those camping at Chnagi beach or parks do not qualify)

3)The only electrical appliance you have is lighting. (if you have a television you do not qualify - wait a minute , you have not paid you radio and TV licence for 5 years and will be fined $5,000)

4)You need your application to be supported by your RC chairman, CDC chairman and MP (if you do not know who your MP is you do not qualify)

Please add on...

Anonymous said...

LOL. Ah Huat's face expression and his eyes are damn funny