Friday, October 31, 2008


The cartoon is ready for final inking when I feel that I have conveyed the idea clearer. For this particular cartoon, the initial idea I had was of a man holding on to a vault key, but changed my mind and did another sketch which I felt it is a lot more relevant..with regards to how the town council handles the sinking funds.

Next, I will do some quick rough sketches for the general idea and composition of the picture.If I feel that the idea is not clear enough to communicate to the audience or lack a certain humour(which is subjective at times) ,I will go back to the drawing board and make some revisions.

I usually start with some visuals in my head, and will either scribble down the text associated with the images, or do some doodles on it

A quick peek on how I create my cartoons
When they(town councils) place the wrong bets..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Job of a politician-restoring confidence of the public

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Putting a brave front in face of financial crisis

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