Saturday, October 25, 2008

Primitive mind


Anonymous said...

he forgot to eat his medicine i guess!

advice for grads said...

notice the oldfart never gives advice on integrity, being truthful, sense of honour and fairplay, accountability, compassion etc, simply because oldfart is aware he has none.

Anonymous said...

he is heavy on the left brain and not much of the right brain.

to him, everything is mostly a logical process and a number game.

he associates high living standard to how many electrical appliances in your home.

if not because of his legal training(education), he could end up being a gangster boss( it is in his character).

but on a good note, he has fulfilled his wish to rule from the dead.

educated thug said...

i really like the part about him being a gangster boss because it is in his character, shows up in the way he runs the country like his personal turf, creating the laws to protect it too.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting because it's eugenics, which was the belief behind the Nazis wanting to create a super-race and in the process, eliminating more than 6 million Jews and countless disabled people during World War 2.