Saturday, January 13, 2007

I am back in sunny singapore again, after a long absence of 2 year from its shore..and i do not like what i see...perhaps this 2 years in Tokyo had accentuated my senses.. I felt alienated..much more than I was, in Tokyo. Everything feel so the air..the vertical coffin....of our flats...the greenery ....all year round...nothing seem to change....the irk in people i i walk among them. I need to leave this island again..this time for good.
will get back to my drawings soon...


Anonymous said...

you mean you are back in raining sg?

inspir3d said...

hi... have missed your comics.
do restart soon,

Fan said...

Yup, I'll be looking forward to your comics.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Japan is many times better than Singapore. I really like your comics.

WithBestWishes said...

Japan is the reputed as the better to be if you're into comics/anime, Singapore is nowhere near. Add to that, you'll never know when you've stepped onto an invisible OB, your creativity will be slaughtered here.

Enjoyed your comics, hope to see more coming and best of luck in your exit :)

Anonymous said...

g'luck with finding your true home Seiji!

Singapore is a hotel... not a home..


Anonymous said...

Singapore- Fix the opposition and buy Mr Brown supporter's vote

Japan- Democracy, Freedom and Liberty

What will you choose? First world nation with first world govt? or Dual Economy nation with one party rule?

Aaron said...

I was looking forward to some nice satirical cartoons on the latest miscarriage of justice. Of course, I'm not asking you to disrupt what I presume to be a holiday to start drawing. I do hope you'll revisit the issue once you got the time!

ornateghost said...

I lived in Tokyo for nearly 3 years before moving to yet another country.

While I would agree with you the psychological constraints imposed by the city-scape of this huge and alien metropolitan place, there are, nevertheless, many gems within Tokyo to be discovered at your own leisure.

Furthermore, there are the nearby "ken"s offering a wide choice of getaways: Gunma, Yamanashi, Kanagawa, and so on. Don't know if you had a chance to do some traveling -- it certainly gave me a different sort of enjoyment of Japan.

Anonymous said...

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