Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hurray! we are encouraging everyone to work beyond 62 years old.


Anonymous said...

since they fancy legistration to solve problems, maybe they should prohibit the hiring of elderlies to work as cleaners(create better jobs for their age)?instead, this kind of jobs should be given to 'reform workers' from rehabilitative programs behind bars or something? good for their souls too?

scb said...

there are very senior citizens over seventy years in age remunerated to the tune of multi million Sin Dollars a year! You don't believe?

Clarence said...

funny comic, but it underlies the truth.

yeah, i can imagine that I WANT to be employed as a menial worker after 62. especially if I've been a PMEB before.

but seriously, do people above 62 who need money have a choice? do people who plan for those senior citizens have a choice as to where to let them work?

on the one hand, there's the renewal issue (of old talents being replaced by younger fresh-faced talents), on the other is continued employment of these senior citizens.

people must realize that logistics and solutions-wise, the whole idea of keeping senior workers employed is still going to be a headache. that's why it's still best to have a self-owned business.

any other solutions, anyone?