Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Singapore's way on the ageing population.


Michirure said...

hi there..

I'm not so sure how I can contact you privately, so here I'm commenting about a personal request of mine.

Do you happened to have any comics on the education in Sg? If yes, could I have the links and if needed, ask permission for school use?

I'm will be conducting a seminar in class to my classmates and tutor that's all. ^^

Hope to get a reply from you..

sei-ji rakugaki said...

hi michirure,

you probably need to comb through the postings in the blog for the comic on singapore education. I may have drawn something on it before, and feel free to use it for your seminar, if it is suitable. tks

GAL said...

I really like your comic cartoon. Just wondering if I could use it as part of my teaching resources. Please do get back to me. Thanks

sugarlos said...

hey, great source! could we get permission to use it for a school project? please get back to us! thankyou!!;)

Anonymous said...

can i have your permission to use the cartoon as my school project ?
i'll include your name inside =)