Tuesday, November 18, 2008

12 million dollars is not mine after all


Anonymous said...

Precisely!!! Since the money is not yours you have a bigger duty to safeguard it.

What business have you got to lose so much money in risky investments?

By the way, have you broken any rules with such an investment?

If it was the opposition town councils who committed this mistake, what would you be saying now?

I am sure you would be demanding to hang them. Our present reaction is indeed mild by comparison.

Is "Sorry" such a difficult word to say?

Anonymous said...

how apt! luv the illustration. and yes, i'm sure there'll be hell to pay if it had been the opposition. and i suppose "sorry" is not in the pap's dictionary. it takes a big man to utter that word and there just aren't any in that camp.

tiredsingaporean said...

wahaha . . .kekekek . . . you are damn good lo! I keep laughing til my tummy pain pain liao . . .

Anonymous said...

Maria: You should be thankful that your household money has grown under my care.

Boss: Maria that's the marketing money. You should use it to buy food not visit the 4-D shop without our knowledge. We could go hungry you know.

Maria: But, I made money for you, should you not be grateful to me?

Boss (to himself): Some maids just don't understand.

Daniel Ling said...

Hi nice drawings. I hope u do not mind my using them. If u do mind pls let me noe and i'll immediately remove them.