Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cheaper , faster and better singapore


Anonymous said...

if only we have cheaper, faster and better ministers instead of useless dickheads.

Anonymous said...

lead by example u hypocrite!

'Mat said...

Let's have cheaper, faster and better brains.

Not cheaper, faster and better

So Sway said...

words of wisdom from the village idiot, real freaking PAP joke !

Anonymous said...

When I see his CBF (CB Face*), I know he is going to speak nonsense.

All his talks are NCT (NC Talks#)!

Some clown.

Why is he so highly paid?

* Cheap, Baseless and False
# No Credit Tasteless

Anonymous said...

Is that all he is capable of?

To come out with a strategy which even primary school kids could?

He is way overpaid. He should just be given a daily 3 meal allowance like a kid.