Friday, April 22, 2011

The army life and the civilian life


Anonymous said...

In Rome, do what the Romans do.

Anonymous said...

You can be cocky in the army because you are on top.

You just forget you have retired from it and we are not at your beck and call.

Lesson: Stop be cocky and arrogant.

I suppose you will find out after May 7 what it means to be unemployed. But then again you have good backing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this talk-cock paper-general has a sure ticket into Parliament whilst riding on the coat-tails of:
(1) MM Lee (who gets the brainwashed masses' votes)
(2) Dr. Lily Neo (who gets the pro-equality & compassionate masses' votes)

- J

Anonymous said...

Walau! Get so much attention from the netizens and others and yet You sketched him as one pitiful ex-general.
He is given a golden rice bowl whilst others are made of brass or glass that easily get dented or broken.