Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tension between native singaporeans and new citizens


ed said...

Don't you know that 'native singaporean' is quite the silly word? When the new immigrants have kids in singapore, what would you call the latter? And how would you be different from them?

You guys are Chinese singaporeans, not Singaporeans. 'Singaporean' means an amalgamation of the best of all local cultures. 'Chinese singaporeans means, one who practices chinese culture fused with other cultural elements which the chinese find acceptable or easy to learn. All that isn't is excluded. That, thanks to the ignorance and arrogance of the chinese, has become 'singaporean' culture today. Very chinese, and highly un-singaporean.

Go get an education.

Anonymous said...

I believed they'll be called Naive Children of the New Citizens.

Singaporeans refers to one and all people but if you want to be specific then there're Chinese Singapureans, Malay Singapureans, Indian Singapureans, Eurasian Singapureans as well as Other Singapureans. Yes it's true the Chinese are very Chinese. So too are the Malays. The Indians too are very Indian. The Eurasians the same. And Others as well. I don't know about the ignorant and arrogant part however I do agree they're highly un-Singapureans but they're definitely uniquely Singapureans.

I don't think one needs an education to know that. It's not really rocket science you know.