Saturday, January 12, 2013

SDP's plan to win Punggol East by election


TonyP said...

People like CSJ should be locked up and the keys flushed down the toilet. I'm a avid supporter of democracy, not lunacy.

With the mess that SDP has just created, you know know who's gonna end up laughing all the way to the polls??? The freaking useless PAP. The enemy of thy enemy is my FRIEND - WP has worked the ground in the last election and based recent GE2012's results (compared to all other opposition parties i.e. SDA's Desmond Choo), had the best margin of success to defeat the incumbent PAP.

Now SDP comes in from no where, with absolutely NO preparations and wanted to frag things up.... and you actually thought that common Singaporeans will "appreciate" you and hail SDP as the "heroes".

Singaporeans as a whole, may be timid and even daft sometimes.... but no where are we idiots and moronic enough to fall for such low-handed SDP tactics.

Really!?!??!! SDP! What's your TRUE intentions? 'cos CLEARLY, the concerns and welfare of this nation and its citizens are definitely not up there in your party's agenda.

Go ahead.... put your guy in and f**k up this Punggol East By-Election. I can guarantee you that Singaporeans will REMEMBER this lunacy and your so-called party will pay DEARLY in subsequent Singapore General Elections.

I am just a common Singaporean and i will ALWAYS support the incompetent PAP over the lunatic SDP (aka Chee Soon Juan), anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

What Lunacy? said...

What has CSJ done to you to warrant such harsh treatment, albeit orally, from you? How much do you know about the man, his views and the suggestions put up by him for the betterment of Singaporeans?

You must be more competent than the MSM in putting down one of the few alternative parties existing in Singapore.

I am saying this not for the love of the man but believe that every opposition party should be encouraged and not hindered in its efforts to provide a louder voice for the people in parliament.