Thursday, October 11, 2007

The prehistoric tree trunk


Laremy said...


I don't know how many other people I am speaking for in saying this, but I believe the numbers would not be few.

I am leaving a comment to say that I like your comics, but I think this particular one would work better if you didn't use a tree.

Personally I find it offensive as I believe in environmental conservation to a certain extent, the extent also being inclusive of not chopping down trees even if they pose a problem to civilisation/humanity e.g the tree at Braddell Road.

However, I think Section 377a should be repealed, so the image you have used doesn't really gel for me.


Anonymous said...

err...i think the tree is talking back to

Denzuko1 said...

I am pro-environmental friendly and I feel that the tree is all right as it is a metaphor of how deep rooted the penal code 377A is.