Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good rest, JBJ


Saint Splattergut said...

Haha... so true.
Just a little gripe though.

It should be "there still ARE many things for me to do!" and not "there IS".

JBJ's English was rather impeccable, so must change lah.

Anonymous said...

The people in Singapore do not not deserve JBJ. RIP and GOD bless.

Anonymous said...

yeah mr jbj you still need to go to fight a court case for re-election in bukit batok. please appoint another lawyer to continue your job.

Anonymous said...

GOD to JBJ : I send for you JBJ because SATAN will be collecting LKY and his cronies soon.
It is far safer to be with ME when that happens. LOL.

Anonymous said...

JBJ to GOD : can I visit harry in hell and see that he gets a fair trial from SATAN ?

Anonymous said...

GOD to JBJ : harry deserves nothing less from SATAN than what he had been dishing out.

JBJ to GOD : I hope harry can take the punishment and it is not too severe.