Friday, December 19, 2008

A job re-training fable


Anonymous said...

Hey MSB, why you drawing no change one?

Frame 1 and Frame 7 are the same drawing with the left hand changed only. (You cheated eh, with photo copier?)

Is it because all those re-training no effective?

Ha, ha, ha.

(By Blind Mouse)

Try Healthcare said...

IMHO, only healthcare re-training is worth pursuing. There are not enough healthcare workers all over the world. This is also true in Singapore despite the massive and open import of foreign workers. Local patients also prefer to be served by locals.

The office-type job training are pretty worthless for the purpose of securing a job.

Anonymous said...

In my previous job I had the opportunity to meet many retrenched professionals. Some of them have told me the horror stories of how after being retrenched they got the hope that if they go for retraining they will be able to get a job. So they paid for a new course but after graduating were not successful in getting a new job because employers prefer foreigner to do the job.
One particular example stuck in my mind. A bank manager who was retrained as a nursing aide was not successful in getting a job with the hospital. Instead, a Filipino was recruited.
The reason: Preference given to Filipino because they will even carry your shoes if you asked them to but a local retrenched manager poses too great a threat to his immediate supervisor. Besides, Singaporeans complain too much and hence it is a safer and better bet with the Filipino.