Sunday, December 07, 2008

Report card for Town council


Anonymous said...

I would say more like "Bend over and receive 3 of the best".

Anonymous said...

Aiya, MIW elites will defend their own kind. At most get a slap on the wrist niah! Afterall, the whole TC concept is a reflection of the way PAP govt runs our country, with that "pace-maker" Ah-gong's blessings.

Only way to make a difference is to vote them out. Vote in some real check-and-balance. Even if opposition is not of good quality, it is better than the current PAP internal checks which has track record of failure (NKF, ShinCorp, MSK escape, US banks, TCs). We must remember not to be swayed by the "carrots-and-sticks" dangled during election.

Anonymous said...

vote them all out and we can give them the carrot and stick treatment

instead of bend over, stick out your little pecker and receive a good wacking with a hammer.

Anonymous said...

But teacher you should be happy that I did well last term.

Overall I did not fail. I have scored more marks than if I had not put my time on studies.

Afterall, I just failed by a small percentage this term! I had been careful all along with my study time.