Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little bonding between Singapore and Malaysia


durianking said...

Najib: Uncle Lee, it is better for you to sit under the durian tree.

Old Lee: Aaah, good idea, you are giving me first choice to pick the durians.

Najib: Yes Uncle Lee, I do this for you, but next time bring Ah Loong along and both of you can sit under the durian tree. kekeke

Anonymous said...

Lol... Our ministers as little kids who are impatient for the durian.. hahah... very funny stuff.

Can recognise Tharman from the drawing... hahah

Anonymous said...

Najib: Uncle Lee, is it true you always carry a hatchet ?

Old Lee: Aaah, yes, it is my weapon of choice. You wish to use my hatchet to crack open some skulls ?

Najib: No Uncle Lee, I mean we can use your hatchet to crack open the durians.

Old Lee: Aaah, ok. It is very sharp, can open all types of skulls, er, I mean hard shells.

Najib: Uncle Lee, can you make a similar hatchet for me and teach me how to use it.

Old Lee: Sure, sure, it is better than using dynamites. haha.