Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MPs to perform hip hop dance moves at Chingay Parade next February-channel newsasia


Anonymous said...

The PM not MP should lead and set the example....another case of mee siam mai hum

A Young Generation said...

Hmm, frankly they don't need to put in so much sweat to connect with the "young generation", lah! Since PAPpies govt run policies based on economy, connect via $-and-cents lor!

Each MP donating half of their tax-free milion$ pay to be re-distributed to all Singaporeans would be a welcomed 1st step. While we're on-a-roll, why not also offer their guaranteed retirement pension as contribution to NCSS? The hundreds of charities can certainly do with the guaranteed yearly budget.

Aiyah, don't shake too hard hor, wait their hearts cannot support then how? We don't want to lose any "world-class" leader, ya?