Thursday, October 26, 2006

Singaporean Tan Jee Suan


Anonymous said...

Great this say a lot hope so called elites see this

Pandemonium said...

Oh my... this is an excellent piece... especially the caption that appears comforting at first sight, before the horror of its meaning struck me face-on.

Excellent entry... excellent entry...

Anonymous said...

Sad :(. I hope Singaporeans will not give up.

Anonymous said...

you mean we are in hell now?

Anonymous said...


A Xeno Boy in Sg: I am Xeno Boy, The Political Savant. I bring forth Singapore's First Political Blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your cartoons. They are a breath of fresh air in a country where the haze is simply a physical manifestation of the state of the mass media. Please do go on making more cartoons; you have a wonderful gift for locating the absurd in this society and exposing hypocrisies.

Alfian. : )

Anonymous said...

“They must, instead, stay and make a difference.” - PM Lee Hsien Loong

I see our sons serving the armed forces while the children of complete strangers studied for free to help widen the difference.

I see how we’re treated different from the talents from beyond the seas.

I see difference when deciding who should die & who should live. Who should have lifts at their doorsteps while others should climb.

I see how we must justify our actions, our spendings, our lives, to produce results, so as to keep our jobs, our happiness, our freedoms.

I don’t see a lack of difference at all…

Yet, to most, we can only respond with dejected INdifference…

INdifference to what is the acceptable difference.

This nation is like a ship…alas a sinking one.

Call us lowly rats,

but who can blame the rodents that abandoned a floating wreck?

*The Lunatic Fringe* said...

Hi Seiji,

Very poignant.

The question we should ask ourselves is why do we have to find heaven in heaven? We should spread a little heaven one earth while our citizens are alive.

Lunatic Fringe
"1 less Apache Gunship = Lifting of Thousands of Poor Families? Uniquely Singapore!"