Thursday, October 05, 2006

Special education: MOE should play leading role


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what our highly paid MOE staff are being paid for....maybe this is too much work...they R not used to it...

Point to MIW MPs said...

Anonymous at 4:43AM: "our highly paid MOE staff".

This is purely my conjecture based on chatting with several govt/education or ex-govt/education staff. Govt is also cutting costs with out-sourcing, downsizing/privatizing, and resource-sharing schemes. Therefore "our highly paid MOE staff" are limited to a few top-brass.

Anyway, the way govt sector works is still very much top-down. That is, if the PM or a minister even breath an idea (no matter how hare-brained), some people will find data to support the idea and others will rush to implement it. Well, can't blame them... every1 is just watching their own ass.

Therefore, if one were to assign responsibility/ownership of the "no-money for special needs" schools issue, I would say that it rightfully belongs to our million$/year MIW MPs who voted out the budget during the PAPpies preview of it.