Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr.Practical and logic of nursing homes in JB

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Anonymous said...

keep up the good work!

u are a true comic talent unlike the ones in the statestimes.

$58B nursing home said...

here we are trying to make sense of more job losses and mind-boggling investment losses....
and the last thing we need is an insensitive suggestion by Khaw to locate our elderly up north.

Frankly, Khaw and many of his bloody PAP colleagues should be the ones on the boat..that's right,
a one way trip out to the South China Sea me when I say
many citizens wish for it to sink

Anonymous said...

Heartless MP and govt that neglects its most important responsibility of taking care of its citizens, building home & nation.

Don't worry. Khaw is supposedly a devout Buddhist... he will get his retribution.

Anonymous said...

Even public speakers have slips of the tongue. Give him some credit for other (successful) programmes/initiatives that some have obviously overlooked or chose to ignore.

ps: $58b Nursing home - do you think you would ever be living in comfort today if not for the PAP? unless you are living on the curbs by the roadside, you ought to be lucky/grateful for some things.

These are constructive and are not meant to diss any authors of comments. :)


$58Billion nursing home said...

Khaw should have focused on lobbying the PM for a higher budget which incidently was given to defence and home affairs.
Khaw has yet to convince the public that he has exhausted all options before making the insensitive suggestion. As pointed out by other netizens, Khaw has been shown to go back on his words.

ps:anisah, it is the people and not just this bloody PAP that I should show gratitude.
It is the main reason to speak up on their behalf, when we have so many PAP stooges in parliament who are incapable of doing so.

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