Thursday, February 12, 2009

We lost $58 Billion


Anonymous said...

Excellent Question: What can you do about it?

This one and the one on nursing home should be on Tshirts for sale !

Thank you 66.6%, you perpectuated this...

money for nothing said...

In other words, what can #58B do ?

Khaw can build 100 nursing homes in JB and still have change to run them for 3 generations of elderly.

Bargain Hen could use the money to support 300,000 unemployed for 3 to 5 years.

Mah B T could use the money to buy over the IR and still have change for a F1 circuit and even upgrade all HDB estates with a 90% rebate.

Raymond Lim could use the money to buy more trains, buses and run a service every minute during peak and still have change to reduce fares by 50% for many years.

There is no doubt Ho Ching's $50B losses could be used in more ways than I have mentioned.

In case you folks think it did not cross my mind, there will be some change left to build a statue of LKY right on Pedra Branca.
That's right !
Bigger than the Statue of Liberty, to welcome all ships entering S'pore and remind our neighbours, LKY is still watching

Anonymous said...

its indeed "lan lan".

if we had more opposition mps to grill the pap then maybe we would have a explanation of why and more importantly what preventive actions.

mega projects to honour said...

Ho Ching blew $58 Billion which could be used for mega-projects
to honour MM

such as
Statue of MM comparable to statue of liberty to be built facing our harbour

Statues of MM to replace that of Raffles and the Merlion

Statue of MM inside the IR whereby it can cough out a lot of money,
designed to function like a gigantic jackpot machine

Statues of MM on all highways whereby speed cameras are installed

A gigantic underground burial chamber for MM where our reserves can also be kept.

fungleng said...


Anonymous said...

agreed on what is mentioned by money for nothing

it is extremely sad to see that our government is prepared to lose $58billion and then pretend nothing happen than subsidise 1% of $58 billion to help our own parents, our elderly, our ex-nation builders to retire conformtably in our local lands (instead of sent to JB to die)

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