Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PM Lee ventures into wild wild west(new media)


The Void Deck said...

Braw! Hilarious! Why 7 on horseback? (un)Magnificent Seven?

Anonymous said...

PM Lee does not look confident..lol

The "Posse" he sent ahead must have returned without their shirts.

cyber outlaw said...

you captured their expressions magnificently !

many outlaws in cyberspace waiting to ambush, followed by a stampede thereafter.

Lee Jr and his lackeys better have enough diapers on them ! LOL

Anonymous said...

another great production.
pse keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

super cool! love it

santary said...

that was ferking brilliant of u.. hahaha
can i add ur comic in my blog too?

Anonymous said...

You can come into this new territory, but be warned no wild shooting please.

Anonymous said...

there is no sheriff in the wild wild west ( new media ).
Is sissy Lee and his goons trying to be the law ?

he can try but be prepared to lose his shirt and pants, some of the 'outlaws' will also want the underwear. lol

money for nothing said...

It is imperative Ah Loong and his gang engage netizens like a gentleman, otherwise they will be the cause of negative participation in the wild wild west.

And a gentleman knows the importance of

not being overbearing,

acknowledging that others may have superior ideas, abilities,

treasuring integrity, because without integrity there can be no respect,

not fearing the truth, because truth determines one's credibility,

owning up to mistakes, because it is an indication of one's ability to accept responsibilities,

never ever insisting to be obscenely paid !

Anonymous said...

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