Saturday, April 11, 2009

Troubles at AWARE


Anonymous said...

Nice drawing of the catwoman.
Should be heavier though, to represent either HC or Mrs Goh.
And either should be the matriarch for AWARE. lol

Anonymous said...

AWARE has shown swiftness and stealth can be used to get rid of greedy PAP politicians.

Anonymous said...

The recent adverse publicity has increased the public's awareness of AWARE.

There is beauty in the outcome between 2 groups of women.

It is a timely lesson to all S'poreans to shake off their apathy, regain their voice in parliament by using the power of their votes to overwhelm the self serving PAP politicians at the next election.

thorn amongst roses said...

Appoint MM Lee as mentor to AWARE.

MM can use his old fashion charm to inspire both parties or those women will drive him to his grave.