Thursday, April 09, 2009

We are First world!


beyond 1st world said...

indeed we are first world and can claim to be the most advanced !

how else to explain a system with an old fart long overdue for burial at the apex. lol

Anonymous said...

like that win liao.
suka suka can anytime declare "golden period" or "third world"
but if it means his henchmen will therefore start letting less ft in & lower cost of living, then all hail the great oracle.
else he's just a old man still living on past glory.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Singapore is one of the very few surviving Second World countries left. "First world" implies a functioning democratic politicsl system of some sort, where the party in power changes peacefully back and forth, and various checks and balances are built into the system to prevent any faction or regime from excessively empowering the State at the citizens' expense.

Does that sound like Singapore 2009? I didn't think so.

"Second world", on the other hand, is traditionally applied to the Soviet Union, its allies and workalikes, where one all-powerful Party is effectively synonomous with the State, and effective opposition is crushed, often through subversion of the legal system or through flagrantly extra-judicial means. "Might makes right".

Does that sound like Singapore 2009? I thought so.