Saturday, March 07, 2009

Let's talk about dialects


Anonymous said...

I don;t get why there is such an aversion to dialects. It's alright if they don't want to have a learn whatever dialects campaign and the reasons itself was also fine. But that letter is really quite something.

We get korea and japanese dual sounds but for our Hk and Taiwanese shows, we have only one option: dubbed. Even if they dun promote the learning of dialect, they should not stop us from enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that in the process of translation, idioms, nuances, and meaning of words can be lost or misrepresented.

Although Chinese has a common written language, translations from one "dialect" to another is often not easy and idioms got lost in the process.

Therefore, it would be even more difficult to translate "dialects" into other languages.

"Dialects" do deserve a place in Singapore society as an effective way of communication. I have often heard non-Chinese Singaporeans conversing in "dialects" which underlines the point.

Yes, why not have Dual Sounds in Chinese TV programmes to retain the original language version for those who enjoy it?

(By Blind Mouse)

Anonymous said...

To the elderly folks who have been left out in the cold and feel the present PAP leaders are just a bunch of greedy buggers,

take the opportunity to show them the beautiful art of cursing in dialects when they come round during elections,
nothing but the best samples for these lowdown politicians !

never too late said...

I doubt the PM can speak any dialect and I also doubt he will ever understand what it takes to be a typical heartlander living in pigeon-holes created by his PAP.

Anonymous said...

you damn funny la you.

Anonymous said...

the granny look so cute!

Anonymous said...

even if can speak the dialect doesnt mean they understand how it's like to be a heartlander. how to? with them living their lives with their obscene salaries???

Anonymous said...

I'm one fine shining product of the "No dialect" campaign. I feel so ashamed and filled with regrets that I cannot converse with my grandma who could only understand Hokkien.