Monday, March 02, 2009

Retrenchment forecasts


Anonymous said...

stick the mike into their behinds !

only way to get some kind of response from this type of low calibre politicians.

Anonymous said...

me thinks they are ashame that they screwed up.
bury their heads in the ground,
cannot face the public.

or are they actually inviting us to stuff their behinds ? lol

Anonymous said...

I think you should hold an exhibition of your works!

or do an online voting of favourites.

my fav is empty dumbty!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it an irony to have retrenchment forecasts when we are suppose to be in a Golden Period ?

However this Golden Period makes sense when we examine the PAP system, it is actually the PAP members' Golden Period;
their jobs are retrenchment-proof
and salaries recession-proof.

About time we change their Golden Period with our votes.