Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orchid named after Myanmar PM-Dendrobium Thein Sein


Anonymous said...

wow... great job!
that awful flower really represents Thein Sein and military junta.

Arika Hom

Anonymous said...

a carnivorous orchid named after Thein Sein is most appropriate.

the burmese junta must return the honour for MM,SM and PM, and may the people of Myanmar remember them forever.

Anonymous said...

one despot naming a flower in honour of another despot, just goes to show despots do sleep with each other and is part of the foreplay !
It must be a good orgasm for Thein Sein.

curse of the orchid said...

Indeed a good orgasm for Thein
Sein, one that he will remember for life !

The rest of burmese junta members will envy Thein Sein and will insist in taking turns to be honoured by our own despot.

Have to say this foreplay amongst the despots will catch on and we can expect this orchid naming invitation will become an annual affair.

Anonymous said...

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