Sunday, March 15, 2009

Teo Ho Pin: Chicken and duck (straight) talk


Anonymous said...

this guy's excuse was basically he did not know how much and he couldn't tell even if he knew.

he doesn't realise that when he's paid so obscenely on taxpayers money,he lost the right to any excuse because people get fired for much less incompetence in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

another lame duck/chicken, call him whatever. we know the PAP have roped in all sorts of idiots to serve their political system.

Anonymous said...

these lame ducks must have been sent on courses when first recruited... to learn how never to answer questions directly and how never to say sorry or admit that you don't know something! how do we keep voting these people into office??

black feline said...

hopeless blockhead!

Anonymous said...

All our political leaders need to be reminded that they are public SERVANTS.

They are elected to serve us, the public. If we need an answer from them it is their duty to provide it.

They are not our MASTERS who can afford to ignore us.

So this is my reminder to them, we are your MASTERS. If they don't like this, please do not put yourselves up for public office at general elections.

(By Blind Mouse)

Anonymous said...

Good representation. Nothing suits TEO HO PIN better than that quakc quakc picture

Anonymous said...

The problem is we elected them, but they are acting like our masters.

The second problem is that by acting like our masters they think they do not have to answer to peasants.

The third problem is despite all this, we keep on voting such people into Parliament.

I think we deserve a break!